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Need Help To Save My Life
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Don Boisvert
I’m a 48 year old farther of 2. I live in North Carolina. I’ve been fightinh this disease since 2004. I’m now in stage 4 obstructive and restrictive lung disease. I need a Stem Cell treatment, well 4 of them to save my life. Each treatment cost $6500. Because of the restrictive disease I do not qualify for a lung transplant. The lung disease has put so much stress on my heart that both sides of my heart have enlarged. My heart is over compensating for the lungs because it is having trouble getting enough oxygen to my brain. So my resting heat heart is around 120. I did get one treatment 2 years ago and it helpef so much. Although i didn’t have the money for the remainder treatments. The one treatment help so much that i was able to get off oxygen. Now i have gone down hill again. I’m just getting out of the hospital again. I’m back on oxygen 24 hrs a day. Without them I have very little time left. I’m at the stage where sputum is building rapidly. My doctors at Duke Pulmonary say there’s nothing left they can do but keep me comfortable. Please help me raise the money for the treatments because I’m not ready to leave my kids and family. The procedure takes place at South Florida Stem Cell Center Medical by Dr. Melvin Propis. Please help me to save my life. God Bless Don Boisvert

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