Necessity in navigating a new world v

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Hello family, friends and friends of friends.
Good news! No sob story here, we have begun our new journey in a new land once again. This time in the jungles of Belize in a beautiful village by the name of Bullet Tree Falls.

Notice I said village and not city, with that being said, a Car is an absolute neccessity! Everyday living essentials are a nice mile away with the main market being about 4 miles distance. Not bad and doable, however we are in a flood prone area and would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to having the means to evacuate if necessary.

Having a car will also assist in exploring all the wonderful places this new world has to offer. It will enable us to continue the schooling and cultural exchanges we have exposed and feel pertinent to raising well rounded, spirit grounded children and productive members of society.

So pass this campaign along to any and everyone you know. Even if a dollar is all you have to offer it’s 1 dollar more towards our goal.

Thank you!