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I found a gap in the technological development of society, I suggest we fill it together for our common convenience. Your opinion is very important to me, that’s why I’m here. This is my first project, I will try very hard to interest you. Your opinion and support are very important to me, that’s why I’m here.

I offer for your consideration the project “my SEARCH BUTTON”: a simple, affordable, intuitive solution for organizing the search required WITHOUT the INTERNET, without a SMARTPHONE, without GPS.

I was inspired to translate this idea into reality by the urgent need to create a useful thing, without which we can not do. We need it all the time, but we keep quiet. It’s no secret that today everything is tied to our smartphones and the Internet, but almost half of The world’s population does not have the opportunity to use it.

Things get lost, we forget where we left them. The answer to all these questions – “BUTTON”, it will reduce your time to find the necessary.

The aim of the project is to collect a small amount to develop a prototype OF “just a BUTTON”, which will become a common thing of every inhabitant of our planet, regardless of the presence of his smartphone and Internet connection.

My idea is to put existing simple technologies into a new modern form and make them work for us.
The solution is simple – “JUST a BUTTON”. Stand-alone device with two-way communication, the ability to attach to any surface and the choice of alert options: light, sound or vibration.

The BUTTON operation does not depend on the battery level of Your device and the quality of data transfer. Everything is simple, and this is the main plus!

I already went to the manufacturer and he gave me a preliminary bill in the amount of 9000 us dollars for the development of the prototype. But he assured me that with a large circulation, the cost will be negligible due to the lack of need to develop new technologies. I urge us to unite, support me and make our life easier together.

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