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Hi everyone, I'm starting this campaign with a broken heart. I was in LA last week for an event that we did to raise money for cancer and the next day I found out my beautiful mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In Kosovo where my mom is right now unfortunately there's no insurance and coverage for medical expenses and my mother is really tight in money right now and we need everyone's help for her treatments. My mom went through so much and it breaks my heart to see her go through this as well. She was left on the street by her father when she was five. Then she got married at 14 years old with an arranged marriage to my father.

At the age of 18 years old her second son died. By the time she had me she got the news that her father died. And a year ago my grandmother died from breast cancer while she was sitting on a chair next to her hospital bed just watching her.

Her mom (my grandmother) died a year ago from breast cancer and it's unfortunate that my mom has it now. I'm heartbroken and all I want is for my mom to get better and feel better. I want my beautiful mom to get better and be back home to her normal life. She's my everything and she's the reason why I breath everyday.

She spent so much time when I was little making sure I went to the doctor (My eyes got messed up when I was little cause of high fever) and she would walk for 1 hour and a half from my village to the city where my doctor was working at the time on the heat and winter she would do that everyday for 6 months.

My family and I are trying to raise 50k but I started with 10k hoping I can raise this money soon so she can start her treatments.

If any of you can help even a penny is enough and it's much appriciated.


Durim Morina and my mom!

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