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Veteran needs help with 6 year fight with cancer

I am a veteran I need help and support. I had 13 brain tumors, lung cancer, cancer in both arm muscles and hip muscles. cancer on my sciatic nerve cancer on my left adrenal gland. I had numerous radiation on my brain and sciatic nerve. I had surgery to remove the top and part of […]

My Moms Chemotherapy Treatments GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

Hi everyone, I’m starting this campaign with a broken heart. I was in LA last week for an event that we did to raise money for cancer and the next day I found out my beautiful mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. In Kosovo where my mom is right now unfortunately there’s no insurance and coverage […]

Help Walter fight the fight

It is with great difficulty that I even have to write this. I really tried to find the right words to describe to you about a man that I call my father. In every lifetime you have one dad, an I was blessed to have two. Although I had met him later in life,he loved […]