My Daughter, Beky, Needs Braces

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Beky is 16 and we just received a treatment plan from the orthodontist for braces. This is not for cosmetic reasons. Beky has an overcrowded mouth, overbite and a lower jaw that is set back. Because of the overbite, her 2 front teeth are angled back to try and close the gap on their own. (Apparently your mouth will try and fix a gap on its own even if it makes the situation worse.)

She is in constant discomfort and pain from her mouth. Getting braces is a must to help this.

The treatment will last approximately 27 months and may even include surgery on her jaw. The cost of the braces is roughly $8,500 and the insurance is only going to cover a maximum of $2,500. So I am reaching out on Go Fund Me in the hopes that I can raise funds to cover the costs of all of this. We will find out in a couple of months about the potential jaw surgery.

Beky is a bright and intelligent young woman. She is home-schooled, and aspires to be a writer and artist. She works and studies hard. I am hoping that braces will help alleviate the discomfort and pain that she feels. Because we chose to home-school Beky we are a single income family which is why I have created this Go Fund Me page.

We appreciate your generosity and support! Every little bit helps. Thanks 🙂

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