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When i was hurt, down, feeling lonly and just ready to give up i had music to help me along with what i was struggling with. My family and friends were also a big help. Today and for the future i want to be that person to help someone in that same position. There is so much negitive and darkness out ther in this world. I want to make positive and inspirational music for the people i love and for the people who are needing an uplifting in there lives.

I will be using the funding strictly for my music. My frist single is going to be called “here I am” Its about how i struggled early on in my life and how i found Christ to help me through the hard times. This song is vary personal to me and my hope is that it will help othres out there. The budget for this song will be around 10K, this is the budget only for the video making. it includes the lighting, editing, sound, and actors. The lighting by them selfs are at least 15K. My hope is to do at least 5 videos. Making an album and studio time will be included with the 55K i set for the goal.

My hope is to make my first single by the end of November and two more in December and the rest after the new year.

I hate asking for things especially MONEY! I’ve never did this before in my life and especially for myself. I had a cousin that told me that the talent i have is not mine, and that it was given to be from the lord to share with others. From that day on I’ve been trying to share all i have.  I have a big support team pushing me to do my music and take the risk. This would mean the world to me! In return i plan on giving my Album out for FREE and to put on a concert for you guys.

Thank you so much for reading my story and im truly sorry for asking for so much! I am truly going to use it for my music. Love you guys.

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