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My name is Ashley and I would really like to help my family get to bigger and greater things though starting up my very own Lularoe business! As some may know the startup costs for this business is a little high which is why I’m asking for your help. You see, I have Multiple Sclerosis and have little choice for source of income because

I can’t do many things for long periods of time. I was diagnosed in 2011 at the age of 18 and as I’ve gotten older I don’t really bounce back from the excacerbations as well as I used to. The problem with this now is I have a one year old at home now and it’s hard to get her all the things she needs AND pay my many medical bills.

I also can’t work in a “normal” setting because my symptoms vary from day to day. I can’t stand for long hours as I have done in the past and I’ve been turned down by over 50 jobs. So help me work while my work ethic is still at 120%, please!

With your help I would like to start my very own Lularoe boutique, for it gives me the ability to work as much as I can without losing out on hours or even losing my job. With the funds I could receive from here I would start that business to provide a better life for my daughter as well as paying off my never ending medical bills for MRI’s, steroid infusions and making my home a little more handicap accessible. I would also like to donate a percentage to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The sooner we can make this happen the better! This would also mean that I wouldn’t have to go on disability and would be able to make my own hard earned money! I honestly can’t explain how grateful I would be to be able to do this. I hope to get to this started with all of your help so that at some point I can help someone in the same predicament as myself one day!

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