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Mr. & Mrs. Cooper Restoration Fund
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Devonna Cooper
October 2017 has been a nightmare for my parents, James and Barbara Cooper. After having a major hot water heater malfunction, my mother did what she thought was right. She called their home insurance company, Allstate and submitted a claim. They did not want to come out and look at the damage, they wanted to process the claim in- house. Dry Team came out and assessed the damage and sent their findings to Allstate. After a couple of days, they returned, pulled up flooring in 7 areas: 5 rooms and 2 closets on the main level (with the utility closet being the center where the water heater was located.) A little over a week later, Allstate sent an adjuster out to do what they should have done in the first place- look at the damages. The adjuster rejects the claim stating pre-existing conditions. Currently in the Cooper home, there is no heat or hot water because there is no floor in the utility closet to put in the hot water heater. The gas line for the water heater is exposed. Three large coolers of groceries were thrown out because we were told that the contractors were coming soon and that the kitchen would be under construction. We had to buy more space heaters, eat take out more often than not and I have to drive to my sister’s home for all of us to use her shower twice a day. In the mornings for us adults and in the evenings for my son and daughter. We just want to restore our home and get through this transition. We still have most of the money that Allstate gave to get repairs started. However, we need help with making sure that we can get it completed. We have miscellenous costs like storage pod for the furniture in the damaged rooms, additional materials for repair, take out meals and any other stubbling blocks that may come about during construction. As a caterer with student loans that I am still repaying, I cannot acquire a loan to help my parents who are too old to get into more debt at ages 72 and 70. I am humbly asking for your help. No matter how small the donation, every bit counts. We want to have our home repaired by Thanksgiving. Our hope is to have construction to start next week. My parents have done what they were suppose to do: they made sure they had homeowners insurance. Obviously, “they were not in good hands with Allstate!” Help me help my dad who has dementia and my mom who is still recovering from a surgery she had a few months back get their home back to normal before the holidays. Emotionally, this has been very stressful and a nightmare for them, my kids and myself. This could have happened to anybody. I would be so grateful for any help that we can get. You can read my parent’s story in more detail on my facebook page. I posted on October 27,2017. Thank you in advance and God bless!