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The Problem:
The unemployment rate in the blind community is greater than 70%. This astronomical rate has existed for years and has no chance of changing unless drastic measures are taken. Unfortunately, this results in a low awareness level in even the most fully capable adults who aren’t blind. The lack of understanding in turn creates an environment of self-disrespect in the minds of blind people and leads to thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, hence a very high unemployment rate. However, this does not have to be the case. L. Darnell Williams, a totally blind thought leader believes “if the sighted world took the let-me-share vision with you rather than the you-need-help approach which is the current norm, blind people would feel more a part of their community”. What everyone needs is “Real Vision.”

Real Vision is the ability to develop definite pictures in your mind and then live your life based on the positive images you created. The Real Vision approach utilizes neuro linguistic programming (NLP), law of attraction (LOA), meditation, etc.These positive images created by each person will lead to positive thoughts which result in strong positive ideas.

The solution:
Create a culture where sharing sight could expand the Real Vision, for both blind and sighted. This would raise the awareness level, confidence level, and positive affirming belief of every person involved in the campaign, while building a funding resource that will provide 5,000+ blind or visually impaired people an opportunity to receive a “Real Vision Report”. In addition this sharing sight movement would close the communication gap while making a way for blind and sighted people to build more collaborative relationships.

Seed of Growth:
The Real Vision Report will be created by a blind individual’s response to a Magnet Ideas Inc. thought/skills survey along with a subsequent evaluation that results in an assessment for each participant’s potential for growth.This tailored guide and roadmap will encourage anyone to take action. It is the act of engagement, or in this case, taking action, in which forward movement, personal discovery and growth will occur.The Real Vision Report will augment initiative, propel the person to take action, and can only lead to an ongoing positive outcome!

Positive Outcome: 5,000 blind individuals will receive the Magnet Ideas Inc. Real Vision Report.

Every blind individual will receive an invitation to participate in a free ancillary Real Vision Seminar and/or Real Vision Webinar as a follow up to their Real Vision Report. These forums will be interactive, and will allow Magnet Ideas Inc. to measure each person’s employability and entrepreneurial mindset at that point in time.

Magnet Ideas Inc. estimates that the resulting growth in awareness, confidence, and self-affirming mindset generated by the Real Vision system will create 500-2,500 new opportunities in life-growth — meaning gainful employment, entrepreneurial businesses, creative collaborations, and enterprises that negate limiting beliefs and provide true living opportunities to blind citizens.

Campaign Sponsorships and Contribution Impact:

$25-$99 will help 1-5 blind people (BLP)
$100-$249 will help 12-25 blind people (BLP)
$250-$499 will help 50-100 blind people (BLP)
$500-$999 will help 100-250 blind people (BLP)
$1,000+ will help 300-+ blind people (BLP)