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Ce projet est issu d’une réflexion personnelle de plus de dix ans sur le fait d’allier des vacances à une activité de développement personnel, de bien être , de thérapies quantiques, etc. Depuis plusieurs années, de nombreuses personnes sont à la recherche d’un bien être équilibré entre vie professionnelle , vie familiale et santé parfaite. […]

Mother of 5 Needs Help After Husband’s Stroke

My husband had a lateral medullary stroke on 12/8/20. He’s 45 years old. The stroke has left him unable to provide for his family until he has more time to heal and recover. He’s left with severe dysphagia (inability to swallow). He has a feeding tube for us to give him his meds, formula and […]

GoFundMe USA 5 Best Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link

Mariam’s Lipedema Surgeries Expenses

Help us support our friend Mariam, a 33-year-old mother of three ( ages 5yrs, 3yrs, and 10 months), to ease her financial burden and cover the medical expenses of her much-needed lipedema surgeries. Mariam is in an urgent need to have 2 surgeries done as soon as possible to control her stage 2 lipedema and […]

eyes surgery

hi i am an international student in canada. i started working as a delivery driver in 2020 and in march 2020, i met with an accident and lost my eyesight. i got jobless. nobody appointed me after that. my parents spent everything to get me here and now they don’t have anything else to loose. […]

Debt & Devastation Relief

I really need some help.. —passed due medical bills from Vanderbilt hospital (adds up to $731) —about $240 worth of student debt left to pay off —Trying to move into this apartment near Brentwood to get away from toxic family. Arguing every day, lack of food, I live with 2 alcoholics who refuse to get […]

Enclosed Hygienic Helper – No-Contact Tool

The inner part of your ENCLOSED HYGIENIC HELPER will get germs on it and get infected. It is important to keep this infected part away from you, because wherever it touches, it will spread those germs: If it touches your hand, it will transfer the germs there If it touches your pants, it will transfer […]

COVID 19 Relief for nurse fighting for her life

My mother has often used her loving nature to care for others and during this pandemic she put her skill to good use caring for people on the frontline. As a result she contracted the virus which came with Pneumonia complications leaving her to fight with her life. This fund was geared towards giving her […]

Please help me fight leukodystrophy

Hi there My name is Isabella, I am 9 months old, I was diagnosed with “Metachromatic Leukodystrophy”. This is a very rare congenital disease that generates a lot of suffering and which has a very poor prognosis. I need a series of exams and possibly being able to access treatments that give me a chance […]

High Paying Registered Nurse and Travel Nursing Jobs PPE Equipment

Donate $155 to equip one Nurse or other Healthcare Pro w/ APP & PPE

Donate $155 to equip one Nurse or other Healthcare Professional with the APP, 4 Wrist Beacons & all three Accessories! They’d appreciate your help in providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)! Thank you! Donate here on Facebook or go to our website: to Donate with the PayPal button at the top of the page. How […]

Need new wheelchair GoFundMe by Rochell Williams

Need new wheelchair GoFundMe by Rochell Williams

PLEASE HELP!!! My name is Rochell Williams, I am 55 years old and in desperate need of new wheelchair. I have Muscular Dystrophy and I cannot walk and while waiting on my new wheelchair my current one broke. Now I’m in a catch 22, medicare won’t pay for repairs because they are trying to process […]