Michael Sutton

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I have been battling liver failure for 9 years now. I was told at the time of the diagnosis of Cirrhosis due to N.A.S.H., that I would need a liver transplant within 5 years. I went to Duke Medical Center to see a Liver Specialist the moment I found out, and have managed to extend that time to 9 years.

I was doing so well that I believed I had beaten the odds, but to no avail. My MELD score 2 months ago raised significantly and no I am at the point that my liver is failing all together now. So, a Transplant is the only thing that will save my life. I am in desperate need of financial help to make this possible.

Not only do I have to pay upfront the costs not covered by insurance, but I also have Anti-rejection medication that I’ll have to be on for the rest of my life, Rent for an apartment to stay in after my surgery for 4-6 weeks in case of rejection and medication adjustments, and I’ll have to pay someone to stay with me at that time to take care of me because I have no family. I am and live alone.

During that time, I’ll also have to keep up my permanent residence as well. This is more than I am able to afford on my small monthly SSAD income I get once a month. If there is anything you can do to help please do. It will be greatly appreciated and you will be helping to save my life.

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