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Hello, I am starting this account to help out my friend, she lost her mother 10/10/17 and has yet to bury her, since April of this year her mother was in the hospital very ill and fell in to a coma, my friend used all her life savings to be by her mothers side , not only paying her bills but her mothers as well in hopes that she would be coming home and still have a place to stay, amongst this she helped support and raise her siblings, unfortunately god called her mother Home, and financial issues have begun to arise…. my friend is kind and loving and I have done everything I can possible do to help her , with the holidays coming up I know it’s hard because I can’t imagine losing a parent, But my friend needs help and she doesn’t have it in her to ask, I love this girl more than anything in the world, she’s the most beautiful person I know… the best person I know…. anything helps thanks.