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A few days ago, we lost a great friend. I know he was so many things to so many different people. My friend Lisa lost her soulmate and the love of her life. I can’t imagine the two of them as anything but the strongest team, and I firmly believe he is still keeping watch the best he knows
how. He was also a Dad, who helped raise two extraordinary young adults, David and Andrea. He was a soldier, an Airborne Ranger, a fixture in downtown Columbus at Scruffys and the Vault. He was tough, but fair and believed in Family, America, the American dream, and
that hard work and tough love were the way to get it done. He lived the Ranger Creed, and his brothers and their families were family. If you were lucky enough to earn his friendship, he had your back…always, right or wrong and at any cost. He worked hard and played hard, and
loved even harder. He could also throw a pretty nasty punch when the occasion called for it.
I always knew when I came to town and I called him and Lisa (and Dave, Jr. and Andrea), they would answer and they would make time to see us. I knew he was a shoulder you could cry on, but he wouldn’t let you get too far off track without reminding you of the important stuff. Dave
gave the best hugs, they would crush you and his smile and stories kept me laughing…no matter how often I heard them. I cannot even imagine a Rendezvous or BRC without him, but I look forward to seeing Lisa and the kids there.
One thing that Dave did really suck at though was asking for help, even though he was always the first to offer it. Lisa is not much better at this. I had to convince her that Dave would want her and the kids to get all
the help they deserve. Funerals are expensive, and so is life as a single parent. So if you have a little to spare, I know it will be greatly appreciated. Dave you will forever be “Our Airborne Ranger in the Sky”. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!!

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