Medical Issues

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This is my little brother Cavan. He is 27 years old and suffers from several medical conditions including Muscular Dystrophy, Scoliosis, Crohn’s, Degenerative Disk Disease, Anemia, Chiari Malformation 1, Neurofibromatosis 2, as well as a few others. As a result of the Neurofibromatosis, he has developed several tumors along his spine.

He is in desperate need of an MRI, but the hospital is saying that because he is coming in to be treated for pain and they are not specialists for his conditions, they cannot perform an MRI to determine the extent of the tumors.

I am in need of funds as soon as possible so that I can book him in with a private MRI clinic because he has been suffering for far too long and continues to be told that he is “on the waitlists” to see specialists.

However, he’s been being told he’s on waitlists for 3+ years now and nothing seems to be happening. Due to the complex interactions of all of his conditions, oral medications don’t work for him, which is not uncommon for people with multiple conditions and he needs IV or SubQ injections, but when he asks for these the Dr.’s and nurses treat him as though he is an addict.

This situation is extremely urgent. My little brother continues to suffer as we speak and will only to continue to get worse as his conditions deteriorate.

The only other thing that will help is if some type of advocacy organization gets involved. Please help. Thank you for your support in my time of need. He is now to the point where he can’t even stand up straight and where not even Hydromorphone/Dilaudid are cutting the pain down.

Cavan is in desperate need of help including a motorized wheelchair and money to cover legal and medical expenses. Please help as soon as you can.

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