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We are dealing with so many health issuses that will not get any better, both my husband and son have tumors throughout their bodies and they are very painful. I have lupus that is starting to affect me working. We are about to lose our house if I do not come up with the money by the first week of October . We need 125,000 to be able to stay without any action. I have tried to worked with Wells Fargo but they will not budge. It makes me sad, my husband’s condition is not good we are on day four of him not being able to eat our son has been so overwhelmingly stressed that he’s been throwing up and this is just on top of what they have. Imagine having your body riddled with so many tumors that the doctors tell you to think of life like a sinking boat enjoy each day as you can it’s hard to enjoy your day with Medical consumes you and the bank wants to take your house away I can only do so much as one person I am begging each of you to please help us