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MEDICAL ASSISTANCE with extra skin removal.  In 2010 I underwent gastric bypass surgery.   After significant weight loss and keeping it off for now 8 years, I have now started developing a severe rash and breakdown under the flap of skin around the bottom half of my tummy area.

I have tried many treatments and options to try to lessen this from happening but as more time has passed the worst the problems are becoming.

I have insurance but since it is considered cosmetic surgery and only a small portion is covered if at all .  I don’t have the means to cover all costs associated with this surgery but I’m desperate for relief from the constant pain this extra skin has created.

I know years of neglect to my body has lead me to this point but I have tried to take back control of my health. Now for one last step.  I’m not asking for cosmetic reasons I’m asking for health reasons.

Please help me to help myself.   I’m tired of the pain both physically and mentally.

Thank you

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