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My father and step mother were on their way to have an enjoyable cruise. The early morning before they were to board the ship, my Dad woke up and told my step mother that he needed to go to the hospital. He ended up in the ICU. While at the hospital his small intestine burst and he went septic immediately. They did a surgery and put him in a medically induced coma where he stayed for about 7 weeks. We prepared for the worst during this time. In fact, my Dad was closer to death than being well. Dad is now recovering, as you can see from the photo. He still has a long way to go to recover.

My father would not want to ask for money, but I want to do everything I can to make this difficult time more bearable. Dad needs a lot of physical therapy and needs to be able to start eating on his own. He is still being fed through a feeding tube. The doctors are working on him being able to eat again. We feel this will help him get nutrition faster and will help him recover much quicker. We need the funds now to help cover some of the copay and to increase physical therapy so that he can get stronger and more self sufficient. We appreciate any help that you are able to give.

Thank you!