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My doctors just confirmed a growth of some kind on my kidney. Additional testing is needed. My insurance doesn’t start until January 1st, but the doctors think i shouldn’t wait that long to further the testing process.

Even after my insurance kicks in, it’s almost 400 a month, plus any copays. I wanted to start working again but honestly I’m exhausted and in pain from whatever is happening in my body.

I’ve already had a pretty rough 2017, between being robbed, conned, left by my fiance, my daughter deciding to not be a part of the family anymore, hurricane damage, declined by FEMA, and not having the energy to pursue my business that i was just starting, I’m wiped.

There is probably more to that list, but i can’t even think.

I’m terrified because the current tests, scans, and symptoms show there is something wrong with my kidney. Add into that having had cancer 4 years ago, i know my chances of it being a type of cancer are increased.

So either way, I’ll have to spend a lot over the coming months, not to even mention the fact the holidays are coming and i have the most wonderful son, and hate the thought of him missing out on anything special because i can’t afford it. BTW, he already came to me and told me not to get him anything for his birthday (early December) or Christmas.

So any amount would help. If not for me than please for my son. He’s already dealing with a stick mother again, he is too wonderful to not get anything special on top of that. Who else knows an almost 16 year old who is already earning college credits, doesn’t smoke or drink, is a huge equal rights advocate, and is also kind and caring??

Again, please. Anything will help. Thank you for even reading all of this.