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Marion’s Story

I am 12 years old and swimming is my life. I have been county champion, ISA national champion 2015, 2016 and despite a 68° curvature of my spine I have been finalist and medallist in the London Regional swimming championship 2017. At school I am a part of the Biathlon team (and won the swimming overall in the national school competition held in 2017). I am also a part of the cross-country team, and the athletic, and netball team. My dream started when I was 5 years old and I don’t want it to end but I have been diagnose with idiopathic scoliosis this condition gives me back pain and as a result I have had to discontinue a lot of my sporting activities but continues to swim 12-14 hours per week. The surgery in the United Kingdom involves fusing my back and that will limit my back mobility, and effectively ends my competitive swimming. I would like to go to Germany to have Vertebrate body tethering (VBT), a cost my parents cannot afford. I am asking you to please sponsor me so I can realise my dream.