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Make My Home Liveable Carmen’s Business – Cafe FREE Razoo Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

In 2007 I gave up my career and friends in California to come to Georgia to take care of my Mom who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I did this without hesitation as I always vowed Mom would never live in a Nursing Home. And non of my other family members wanted to help.

Sadly, Mom passed away in 2015 and left me her house so that I could sell it and return to my beloved California. However, the house has never been touched in 20 years since my Dad built a new kitchen and added a Laundry Room and a Guest Bathroom. In order for me to get it on the market it needs a new roof, Trim Painting,

Landscaping, Trees Removed, and a Driveway Installed, New flooring in Kitchen, Bathrooms and Master Bedroom, and the Hard wood Floors need to be retouched. All of which is very expensive and out of my reach.
There fore, I started my Funding Site in order to fine people with means that will be able to help me get back to my life in California.