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I am out of work due to either mini strokes or seizures. They don’t know yet. I can’t work or drive or even get into disability until they know.

I am Tiffany. I have Lupus. On July 20, I went to the hospital for a lupus flare. I went three times that weekend because this wasn’t like a normal Lupus flare. I was falling. Forgetting words. Confused. Today is 8/7 and I’m still having these episodes and they don’t know why. We are losing our home. Even my utilities are at risk of being turned off because my husband has had to miss work to take me to the doctor since I also can’t drive. PLEASE consider helping us.

I’ve had insurance issues so my medical bills are even more than my goal. I’m on the verge of losing everything I have. I have four kids and can’t let them lose their house or their mom. Please help!

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