loving mother is survived by her beautiful children, Tiffany and Robbie Crumb

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A devoted and loving mother is survived by her beautiful children, Tiffany and Robbie Crumb.
Our family is trying to find a way to come to grips with the loss of a beautiful soul. Maria’s love for her children, family, and friends was immeasurable. She was taken from this world far too soon and she has left a hole in many hearts.
Maria’s brother Nikolas and his mother Patricia have been granted custody of the two surviving children, and they moved into the modest home in Hicksville where Nikolas, myself, our two small children, and Patricia were already living. Needless to say, the conditions are quite cramped. With all of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress these two surviving children have and continue to endure, it would be very helpful if they could each have a room of their own to retreat to when they needed to think, pray, cry, or sleep.
In an attempt to ease this burden for our family and to provide some positive focus for the children, we have been working with compassionate individuals who have dedicated time to move forward with plans to modestly expand their Hicksville home. In order to complete this project we will be soliciting donations to help make this happen. It is our prayer that compassionate members of our community along with businesses and community organizations will come together to make this home expansion a reality. This is one way that we can show our family that there are people, businesses And organizations that truly care enough to help them in this time of great need.

Together we can shine some light into a very dark place.

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