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For The Love of Blood is a short from the adoption of the novel the Agent Zero series. I would like to donate half of my proceeds to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma the victims of Texas and Florida who have nothing they have been completely wiped out I can put myself in their place I live two hours by plane from Texas, Florida, and Mexico. I have donated my personal funds the victims need much more than one person can donate without becoming bankrupted themselves.

My short cost $1.00 to view and $3.00 to buy I need 400,000 people to look at the 11.26-second film or buy it. I will have the receipt to of my donations as proof from Pay Pal at the end of the campaign. You can donate from the comfort of your home or any device and no shipping fees or taxes. Here is a tag line from the short and it looks pretty and easy on the eyes and I get my message across clearly.

A Game of Drugs, Money, Lust, and Death that is the price you pay For The Love of Blood.

Please join me in helping those who are in dire need of assistance. It’s going to take a year of more for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma to rebuild and recover psychologically and physically. The Red Cross helps all locations that have been affected by the disaster including the Carribean Islands and Mexico.