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For The Love of blood aka Love That Blood as short from the Agent Zero spy series

For The Love of Blood aka LTB is from the Agent Zero spy series novels the short film an adaptation of the novel and screenplay for a feature film, TV Mini series, TV series, DVD, Video game, comic book, merchandising and action figure toys. This project fits in every market of entertainment.

There is a huge market for spy action crime drama world wide. This project can create so many jobs, pay taxes, help the economy, give to charity, non profit organizations and educational institutions.

The money raised will be towards promotion if I don’t get the money for the feature film. The money will be use to shoot a pilot for TV and sold to the Networks as for a TV series to be produced. Fame brings investors and sponsors. The short has won an award in the Depth of Field Film Festival.

I am Amina Warsuma I’m a Producer,Director,Writer,Actress I started as an actress here is my actors access link . You can see the work that I have done. I started as a top international fashion model and on stage in New York before I transitioned into film. Once in film I had the experience of working around the clock 12 to 18 hours a day and did over night shoots. I did four principle roles and put myself through Film School with the intention of learning how to make a film in a practical time span within the budget,without doing pick up shots. I realized that I could shoot a scene in 2 hours with the right camera man and DP. Shooting stunts would take me a little longer due to safety precautions.

This multi racial Feature Film will be shot within budget. The down side is that the film doesn’t get financing as a feature which is 20 million with a 35% tax cut that brings it down to 13 million. I can take the $60,000 and make a pilot for Television, with enough publicity I can take it to the TV networks and make it into a TV series. If I get some of the funding and not all I can take what I have and put it into promotion of the short fame brings investors.

My unique perks for you will be the Agent Zero merchandise “For The Love of Blood aka Love That Blood” is the origin of “Agent Zero” in the multi racial spy series. With the donations you will get a poster,tee shirts,caps,cups,jewelry. You will get those perks once my financial goal is achieved.

“For The Love of Blood aka Love That Blood”. There is a huge market for spy, crime, action dramas. In the feature film the Caucasian roles will be played by name star talent who weren’t available for the short. Most of all I believe in myself,