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Lost job; fell behind on expenses GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Recently the company I have given the last five years of my life to recently closed its doors with very little warning. The final day of operation was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Naturally, that put me in the position of scrambling to secure employment elsewhere.

On top of all that, my 20-year-old vehicle finally went kaput!

Fortunately, after about three weeks of searching, I was able to secure a new position (albeit part time) that started this past week.

But now I have fallen behind on living expenses. and with next month’s rent due in about 10 days, it’s questionable that I’ll be able to reach that goal,

So, as difficult as posting this campaign is for me, I am asking for your help.

Anything you can donate will mean well beyond words to me.

Furthermore, I am also a strong believer in the concept of “paying it forward.”

Once I get back on my feet, I will do what I can to support campaigns here on GoFundMe.

In closing, I’d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, and a Happy and prosperous New Year!

God bless!