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Lost Home To New Iranian Owners GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors


After 8 years of working hard to pay for our little home, I was laid off my job in the defense industry. Almost immediately my wife was struck with a debilitating illness causing her to leave her job of 20 years.

While I was looking for a new job and caring for my wife and the medical bills, we fell behind on the house payments.

The house was sold at auction to a couple of local Iranian businessmen. We were told we could stay and rent was set at DOUBLE the amount the house payment was. We were struggling and paying their high rent but then the Iranians and their attorneys have now given us 3 weeks to get out, or be thrown out by the Sherrif. This all because they want to flip the house. At a meeting to try to work things out, it became clear how they feel about Americans. We had no chance.

We need financial help getting a place to stay and moving.
This is difficult to ask.
Thank You