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Senior citizen and disabled daughter lost our home. We have been living in our vehicles and seeking help from local agencies and churches. I’m very sorry to say that a local Catholic Church, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, had my truck towed without even speaking to us first. They knew who we were because we went in asking for help. They waited until my daughter and I left in her car to go speak to social services for guidance. As soon as we left they called the tow company.

Now we are both living in my daughter’s car, and she has been in and out of the hospital countless times. She was an extremely successful veterinary nurse, pet trainer, and pet groomer until she developed an acute illness 5 years ago. Unfortunately it has rendered her unable to work, ruining her lifelong career, which has sent her into a very deep depression. My daughter has also had to call an ambulance for me twice in the last month because of heat exhaustion.

We have tried reaching out to the church and other Catholic churches as well, but they all refuse to help. I have gone to St. Patrick’s several times, and the pastor refuses to speak with me. While my daughter was waiting for me outside the church, teenagers used large rocks to break into the car. Luckily my daughter caught them and they took off, but they did manage to bust out her right front window. We now have at least a thousand dollars in debt all because we chose the wrong church to go to for help.

I am also desperately trying to find work, but it’s seeming impossible for a senior citizen with no home address. My daughter is unable to work, and while she is trying to get help, that seems impossible too right now.

We are reaching out with the prayer that the local community will help us. We are good people, and we just need help right now to get our lives back. I don’t think either of us can survive this anymore. All we want is to get my truck back, have my daughter’s car window replaced, and be able to find a new home. That way we can rebuild, I can finally get back to work, and I truly believe that my daughter’s health will improve once she has a place to call home again! PLEASE feel free to call us at any time if you have questions. Our new number is 302-981-8860.

I pray you can find it in your hearts to help a family that is in DIRE NEED of immediate assistance! We can’t thank you enough in advance for helping when churches and local organizations have only made our lives worse!

If you could be kind enough to help us, you can make a donation here: