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Hi, My name is Darrell Johnson,  and my livelihood depends upon if you can help. I am under investigated and need to get legal assistance. I have let so many people have access to my wifi and computer that I’m under suspicion for online crimes I’m not guilty of.

I fear that I could be possibly incarcerated. I am a disabled man confined to a wheelchair, living in Denver, but everyone who knows me knows I have a heart of gold. I am the father of a amazing kitty named Yoshi, and I love everything sports, good music, and good friends.

I need your help, I need proper representation because I am not familiar with the laws and legal system as I have no record and if I were to be incarcerated it could be completely damaging to my already established health conditions as America’s prison systems are lacking in medical facilities as shown by numerous documentaries on the system here in the USA. All fund’s donated will be used to help give me the ability to retain counsel who can help me go forward with knowledge and secure that I am receiving good information.

I thank you for even taking a few moments of time to look at this page. I and my cat Yoshi are grateful for your time. I am a good Christian man who loves Jesus and my cat. I pray you can be instrumental in helping me, you would be helping do what God has asked of each of us Christian’s to bear each others burdens! I need the funds as soon as humanly possible so even if you cannot give please consider sharing this page on your facebook page and other social media avenues. God Bless, Darrell P. S.

I have contacted many law firms in the city of Denver and this is the estimation from the law firm I have chosen to represent me in the future. I want you to know I’ve done the legwork in getting quotes for this case.

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