Lisa’s fight against chronic migraines

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I suffer from Chronic Migraines, I get 3-4 migraines a day and there are some days I only get 1 migraine and those days I cherish. I loose my vision when I get the migraines, I get very nauseous, confused, and dizzy, so when I get the migraines I just have to lay down, rest or sleep. I can no longer work or drive anymore because my migraines are so unpredictable and frequent, which has been a major adjustment. I have to have someone take me to my appointments or get a cab/Uber.

My migraines have become so debilitating that I can still no longer work or have much of a social life. I’m restricted to home, and rarely go out or see my family because bright lights and fluorescent lights are a major trigger, so I have to wear dark sunglasses when I do out. Because of that, I can no longer go shopping or be outside for a long time. I have to have my home completely blacked out with blackout curtains because any amount of light will trigger a migraine. Most of the time I am laying in bed and sleeping because 90% of the time I have migraines. The TV’s have to have the brightness turned all the way down and put lights have to have LED lights with the lowest brightness. It’s a struggle to deal with this everyday. I now suffer from depression and anxiety.

*This disease has taken a huge toll on my fiancé and I, my fiancé and I have huge financial problems. We struggle on a daily basis just to pay our bills, and pay rent, let alone buying food and the basic needs that we need. This illness has taken over my life and I can’t control it.
Financial problems aside, I am in constant pain every day & anything to decrease this even by half I would be willing to try I just need the money to do it. This new medication the doctor says will decrease my migraines by at least 50% some patients have gotten a 75% decrease. Please help me to achieve this.

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