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October 24, 2009 changed our world forever!  We were enroute to our Hospital to deliver our very 1st child, Liam.  We were 2 days past our due date and my wife told me the time was NOW!  Strong contractions every one to two minutes.  Up until now our pregnancy was absolutely perfect.  Upon arrival at the Hospital our Nurse, now good friend, hooked my wife up to the ultrasound machine and tried to locate a heartbeat.  We knew it wouldn’t be a problem because Liam was kicking the crap out of my wife in the parking lot.  The Nurse told us she could not locate a heartbeat and she told us she needed to go get a Doctor.  My wife and I immediately became worried.  My wife is a seasoned Paramedic and I am a Police Officer.  We knew something was wrong!  Panic set in!  Our Doctor came in and began looking and listening for a heartbeat….  Nothing.  Our Son had passed away.  I’m not going to lie to you, suicide did cross our minds but quickly left because we knew we needed each other.

     Over the next several hours my wife delivered our son.  We were able to hold him for several hours and we also took several pictures of him.  What a beautiful baby boy.  There was probably 50 people in the waiting room wanting to visit with us.  We would later find out the Doctors believed Liam passed away because my wife had the flu a week or so before the delivery.  The Nurses told us they needed Liam for a while and for us to rest.  Yeah right. That didn’t happen.  Later that night the Nurse gave us a bereavement package which included Liam’s hand and footprints, ceramic cast of his hands and feet, a lock of his hair and a few “loss” books.

     Liam was buried on my birthday October 28th.

     A few year later we learned some Hospitals do not offer this to families that have suffered a loss like we did.  We cannot believe this.  We cannot allow this.  If we didn’t have his hands and feet to look at and hold I don’t know how we would have made it.

     What we would like to do is make care packages for the Hospitals so the families can get keepsakes like what we have.  It really meant a lot to us and we hope it does to others that have suffered a loss.

     Please help us by donating any amount so we can buy the materials, make the packages and deliver them to Hospitals in our area.

     We have named our project, Liam’s Gift.  May his gift help others.

Thank you and God bless,

William and Jamie Anderson


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