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Legs for Sherri M in SW Wyoming FREE Crowd Funding Promote Boost IDIDIT

I am trying to raise money for Robotic Legs and for a Tek RMD. My dream is to walk again. I was injured in an ATV accident when the person driving was to drunk to respond in time and flipped the 4wheeler over on to us he had minor injuries and I was left paralyzed (T7-T12). I was devastated after waking up from a medically induced coma to find out I would never walk. I have been doing physical therapy since just days after my accident to regain what I could. I have came a long way and now am being stopped by the expensive equipment and program costs. I feel like an outcast because I wasn’t born rich or even well off. Please help me prove that money can not stop the willpower of some determined person. All money donated goes to my medical expenses and excess will be donated to others in my position. Please come visit my page Sherri Maxfield or Where Innocence Lies both are on Facebook and Thank You