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Kristen abby-love medical expenses GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign

My name is Siam and today, I would like to share my personal story with you. I normally would never ask for help, especially when it comes to money but I am in desperate need for my family.

September 16, 2016 , I gave birth via c section 5 weeks before my due date. I was covered in blood in my bathroom floor, waiting for the ambulance that took me to Long Beach Memorial hospital was the closest to my house. I gave birth to my beautiful princess Kristen and right after I was operated again for myself this time.
The very nexts morning as I am recovering, I found out that my daughter (that was not even one day old) was diagnosed with a heart condition. Please be aware that during my pregnancy, I did not know this so of course the news shatterd my heart into million of pieces.
*****Long Beach Memorial hospital was not contracted with Kaiser but I was taken there because it is across from my house and due to my critical condition they wanted me to be helped as quick as possible. Couple days after our stay at Long Beach Memorial, Kaiser called me and stated our stay with Memorial would not be covered by them even though it was for emergency reasons. I am now in debt with Long Beach Memorial because Kaiser does not want to cover our expenses.
It was to hard to process all this information about my daughter and her condition but to also find out my insurance was not willing to help me..
Any contributions whether small or big will be appreciated so that I can be able to pay for some of the medical expenses.
Please help share this message.
Thank youso much in advance.

UPDATE: On February 15, 2017 My daughter who was 4 months at the time had surgerywith CHOC hospital in OC. The surgery was successful but she had complication during recovery. 2 weeks later she was release and 2 weeks after discharge she was back in the hospital due to more complications. Right now we’re praying she has a speedy and safe recovery.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.