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Kidzmax A stool with a whole host of potential applications Kickstarter Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Kidzmax – A stool with a whole host of potential applications.

Rotating, flipping, tilting – changing use; that’s Max and Kidzmax. Designstool with Boundless possibilities in – and outdoor.

Max is therefore:

A stool, a bar stool, an end table, a coffee table, a sofa work station, a lounge table, a rocking chair, a pool bar, a mini office, a swimming aid, a gaming device, sports equipment and much, much more.
… with or without add-ons.

It’s suitable for outdoor use and can even float in the pool. It’s more than just a three-in-one seat.
Because it can float, Max can even be used as a lifebelt.
There are numerous potential uses – find yours.

Clip-on elements – as add-ons – supplement Max’s limitless potential.
Max and Kidzmax are real all-rounder.