Kidneys Failing

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We have been together for just over 38 years now our anniversary is October 4th and most likely will be our last anniversary as my husband has kidney failure. He does not want his picture taken, and he doesn’t believe in living in a hospital so we really need to move back home. Back to Ottawa so when it’s my time to die we will be together with all our cremated pets.

John has been disabled for 15 years and myself since 2005. I suffer from both physical and mental illness. I’ve had spinal surgery but live in pain 24/7 as well as John who all suffers from diabetes, heart problems, now his kidneys are going on him.

I had a page open but closed it after 247 views and not one soul donated even $5.00 as we have donated on GoFundMe and other animal charities along with donating to Breast Cancer, ALS, Aids and mental health.

I was having a slight mental meltdown when a comment was made and I took it as it was directed at us being gay and deleted my twitter account and my other Medical Health GoFundMe page I had an anxiety attack and acted too fast to get away from that pain of it all.

Moving to Ottawa is our best way of surviving. Financially, Medically and we need to purchase a few essential items to be installed in a Minto apartment that we would really love to move into asap as well as having family close by to assist when needed.

So if you have issue with the LGBQT community we don’t want to hear about it and we don’t need your sarcasm.

That which we need is wonderful and kind people who are willing to help a fellow Canadian, and for those Canadians and non Canadian who give we thank you will everything that is in us and our prayers will be with all of you.

Just think how you would feel and how desperate I am feeling having to write this go fund me page with every bit of my soul out for everyone to see for the second time hoping that their really are compassionate people out there and not coming to a page to gock at my husband hospital photos which I will not put on this page as per his request.

This is very humbling to say the very least and we are filled with humility. Instead I’ll put my photos up here for people to see who it is asking for a helping hand.

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