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NEOWING E.X.E. is an exciting free-to-play top-down space shooter (shmup) for Android and iOS where you control a powerful, sentient space ship named E.X.E. (Experimental Xenomorphic Entity).

Don’t worry about piloting. Instead of frantically slapping your expensive phone to move E.X.E. around, all you need to worry about is dodging obstacles and blasting enemies. When you defeat enemies, E.X.E. will automatically absorb their souls. You can use souls to increase E.X.E.’s D.P.S. (Defense, Power, and Speed), unlock new weapons and special abilities, or raise your own army of ships to fight for you! When E.X.E.’s DPS increases high enough, it will evolve into different, more powerful forms.

Neowing E.X.E. isn’t about dodging bullets, like most shmups. It’s about racing, blasting, and bulldozing your way through a gauntlet of enemies on each stage to defeat the B.O.S.S. (Battle Operating Strategy Symbiote), which happens to be E.X.E.’s more advanced and deadlier sibling.

Kickstarter incentives include being able to design your own EXE evolution form and even your own BOSS!