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Hello. My name is Kenn and basically I’ve set up this site as a last resort. My step dad and I live in a rental house where our rent for September is past due and need the money to pay this month’s rent and to hopefully pay next month’s rent and to cover past due bills including our cell phone service and to purchase groceries. We have been living in this rental house since March 2016 after the foreclosure of our house early in the year. He had an online job in July 2016, but the employer, for some reason, refuses to pay him the $2,700 he is owed. My step dad’s Naval retirement would cover the rent, but some unforeseeable expenses needed to be addressed for this month and the rent for September has not yet been paid yet. Our families have helped us out in the past, but there is only so much they can do. I myself work, but part time at $8.00 and hour. This money would be used to help out immensely and hopefully by November 2016 my step dad will have a job to keep up with the bills and groceries. Thank you for your time.