Keep the kittens in this loving home

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These 5 kittens we’re saves from certain death by my daughter and her boyfriend at just 1.5 weeks old.

Nalla, Ta’Challa, Ka’chan, Harley and Droopy have known no other mom but my daughter. She bottle feed them. Taught them how to do third bodily functions. Then ween them and litter train them.

They have made sure they’ve had their shots and have gone from being slightly malnutrition and underweight to happy healthy well-adjusted little kitties now we need to get them fixed and microchipped and their next round of shots.

Unfortunately this is all rather expensive for five little kitties. So if we can raise $1500 they don’t have to be sent to a shelter, split apart from third litter mates or removed from the only home and mom they’ve ever known. The “kids” already have a whole room set up in their home for these little fur babies.
They aren’t asking for long term help with food or litter or booster shots. They want to he responsible pet owners as well as loving ones. However the cost is a bit much for a young couple just starting out on their own.

The kittens have become a source of Therapy for my daughter as well. So if you can find it in your heart (and wallet) to to donate we would he so grateful.

If you can’t donate, will you please like and share this post. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to help. Every thing helps even just a like and share!

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