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On May 23rd, 2017 Emily was a victim of a road rage incident.

An angry man chased her down the road and T-boned her car as she attempted to get home safely.

Thankfully she was unhurt but her car was considered a total loss.

This car was an older car, but it was safe and reliable. Emily is a small business owner, self employed as an esthetician.

She is known in the community for being accessible to her clients, and last minute emergency appointments.

This requires use of her car. The last few weeks that she has been without a car has been catastrophic to her business.

As of now her insurance is only offering her $3000 for the loss of her car.

We are asking our friends and family to consider helping us crowdfund the money to help get Emily a safe used replacement car.

Emily is a proud, funny, and kind person who has given a lot of us help when we have needed it.

She won’t ask for help for herself, so we are asking for her!

Please consider adding a little bit to the pot and help a hardworking small business owner get back to work.


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