Just a mom really trying to make a way

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For the last 3 years I lived in hell. I was broken and weak and didnt have the strength to leave. Finally I found the courage to GO! I had to leave because my life was on the line.
For the last 2 weeks of my relationship I was be woken up at 3 or 4 in the morning getting punched, choked, slapped, and kicked out of the bed. I knew leaving was going to be one of the hardest things I had ever done for many reasons.
1) Yes I was still in love with him, but I loved MYSELF and MY BABIES MORE.
2) Financially I knew I couldn’t do it. Because I was being forced to pay for EVERYTHING.  He was keeping my money low so I didnt have any to leave.
If I didnt want to buy the whole house food (the whole house was his family and they all are GROWN 20 and above) it would turn to an argument and then of course him putting his hands on me. He would try and limit the hours I worked. Because he swore I was cheating. When it was him the whole time. He even went as far to say I was sleeping with one of his 3 nephews that lived in the house. He was constantly threatened to kick me and my kids out 2 or 3 in the morning simply because I didn’t want to have sex. But who would want to have sex with the person that is beating on them? 
When he broke my nose I was trying to find something to stop the bleeding he was to busy trying to have sex. Even though I told him NO he still took it anyways. But that became the norm for him. It was like he would get turned on from hurting me.

I just couldn’t do anymore! I was scared to even leave his room to use the bathroom.
Since then I have been living in a hotel for almost 4 months barely surviving.  I had to make the choice as a mother and woman to keep me and my babies safe and fed 3 times a day or pay my car note. I choose the logical thing safety and food. My car was repossessed on July 5th and there went my income (since I drove for Lyft) and safety. I have been struggling to find a job that I can get to on the bus line. Struggling to pay for my room everyday since there isn’t any beds available in the DV shelters. My choices of shelters are limited because my oldest has a emotional support dog.
I know no one is obligated to help me and my children.  I am just hoping that everyone that reads my story finds it in their heart to help US.

Making this has taken a lot out of me. To ask for help publicly. I think maybe because I have never been in this place. I have always been the one to help others. Simply because I could!!!

Thank you in advance,
Tameisha, Davyiss, and Arthur

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