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James Lacey the Young Entrepreneur GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

This young man is an inventor, an entrepreneur, Artist, and an all out visionary who needs your help. His name is James Lacey (AKA Mr.Lacey) He is 18 years old. Please feel free to visit his website.

A small speech to his senior class.

“I have many expectations for our class mates, however I plan to hold myself to higher standards because I will do what I can to help them succeed. I started out as a simple landscaper, but the ideas for innovation just kept coming, I see many humans in space on the moon and on mars within the next decade, you’re growing up in a new space race, not a space race between countries but between private American companies, my number one goal is to bridge the gap and get them working together. I will go where you all might go, it will cost about 200,000 to live in mars and half that to come home, start saving, start investing, invest in your selves it is likely. I will spend a majority of my life in space, overseeing the various projects to make this happen, humans were meant to grow and expand, it is only a matter of time, It is quite possible to not only visit celestial bodies in our solar systems, but in other nearby stars as well. Will you live the adventure, I know I will”.

James Lacey.