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Every year thousands and thousands of outstanding artists audition for shows like American Idol, The Voice, etc. Without self promotion or the sharing of videos, there is little to no chance of being discovered on sites like YouTube. The time has come to revolutionize the social media music industry. Imagine a place where you as an artist can upload as many songs or videos as you would like, all while music enthusiasts receive daily songs and discover artists just like you. will match your music with listeners who tell us what their genre preference is and even song choice. Everyday fans will receive your songs! After listening, music enthusiasts have the option to purchase and even share with their friends. We will also be holding open mic nights on our main page for the world to hear or watch your set! Help us make the dreams come true for so many aspiring artists all while providing great music to fans everyday.
The sooner we receive your support, the sooner we can complete the development phase for the platform and go live! We at, as well as all aspiring artists greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our campaign and supporting the revolution.