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I am a creative writer and also a twin flame. I have a book (or several) I’d like to self publish, this does cost money and that is why I’m here, to ask for your help to get this published and to cover all necessary costs related to it. To have those who love poetry, and may be in a sacred partnership that would like to have poetry to keep them lifted up or help them express the feelings they don’t know that they are capable of.

The poems are written and I am adding more to my collection to hopefully have a series of them.

I plan to have hard copies made as well and for some of you I will send you a copy if you make a decent contribution of $20 or more. I will choose people to receive a copy and sign it and send it to you as my thank you gift. I can have up to 20 hard cover and up to 50 softcovers made to sign and distribute and/or take to bookstores or such.

I would love to get this published next year so the sooner I can get the money going in the next 6 months thenI can have the book out by the middle of 2018.

It would mean so much to me so that I can open my creative outlet to you and share what is on my heart so that you can feel the love in your own heart. Perhaps then you can find your way to express the love to the one you love.