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Help us get our ICC Sailing Certificate done!
My husband and I have been dreaming about quitting everything for a nomad way of life sailing the world. If we get to our dream of owning a sailboat
But first let me explain our goals:
1- First we need to get our ICC Sailing Certificate (CHF 10’000.- for both of us). We are planning on having it done by February 2018.
2 – Then we need to buy our Sailboat (CHF 190’000.-), we need a special kind of sailboat because we are planning on making the best use of it (having customers on board whom we can show the wonders of the life at sea:-).
If we achieve this second point, we will offer a 7 days cruise trip in the magnificents islands of Thailand (small gorgeous islands where the mass tourism hasn’t arrived yet). We will sort it between every person who makes a donation. FURTHERMORE, if we achieve CHF 200’000.- WE WILL OFFER A 10 DAYS CRUISE TRIP TO ANYONE WHO DONATES AT LEAST CHF 10’000.- (valid for 2 people, 10 nights in our boat, all inclusive food and drinks, snorkelling, paddling, Ko Kut island visit).
Help get this new vacation business going and enjoy an amazing opportunity of vacation!
Once we get our business working, we will make sure to work with the local population, at least 20% of our incomes will go back to the local economy.
Help us achieve our goal, share!