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Hello! My name is Roberto Davis, I’m living in Spain (born in Argentina) for about 10 years.

About 6 years ago I started working for a little accounting business that works for little business around small towns in Barcelona.

My boss and owner of the business is about to retire due to health issues that while not serious, it’s enough that she has to stop working and take a break.

For the last couple of years I’ve been doing almost everything since after so many years in the business my boss (she’s 65) we agreed that she needed to rest some. But now is the time when she needs to actually retire and for that, she has to legally close the business. This will leave me out of job.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying to get my citizenship and become an autonomous worker, but the process is long and costly thanks to bureaucracy that seems designed to have a lawyer handling everything and since my inexperience in the procedures, I’ve been pouring money that I actually lost on procedures that overlap due dates, paperwork that’s only valid for 3 months usually overlaps another paper that is not valid anymore since getting an appointment can take months.

Because of this, I ran out of my savings that usually go to my mom in Argentina or to go visit my family there.
On top of that, I need to have at least €2,000 as funds to start my own business, a requirement I cannot longer achieve.

My time is short, I can’t ask for a loan since I already have to pay one that went mostly in procedures and paperwork that lead me nowhere and I keep getting told how I need a lawyer to make things quick, a lawyer that charges about €1,000 to make things happen.

I have nothing to offer back, only my promise that after a couple of months when I’m working on my own, give back in any form whatever I got helped with. My job allows me to help little business that can’t afford to pay for expensive software for accounting and sometimes are forced to pay for because the only choice they get is to look for an expensive buffet from big towns.

I’m sorry for the long read, but this is the best I can explain my situation, I hope I can get the help I need, for which I will be forever thankful for any effort you can make.

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