I Need Heart Medications for Plaque GofundME

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I really need anyone assisted to help pay for my heart medication. Recent health event had me seeking a Cardiologist, after a careful screening of my arteries it was evident of plaque build-up on my left side of my neck carotid artery.  My situation is I don’t earn enough funds to afford medications.

I am suppose to start taking my medication as soon as possible.

1. Vesepa 1gram it’s copay is $200.00
2. Lipitor 40mg. copay is $100

Am on Medicare but the co-pay cost is to high to afford. So, am asking for anyone assistance to donate a small amount to last me until the remaining of the year.

By then I can manage it myself.  P.S. I must start right away or I may result in a future stroke. This is serious friends.

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