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THE CONTACT FOR THE CAMPAIGN SHOULD BE SPREAD AS ERIC PERRY – info@campaign-icantbreathe.com / 720 665 7265 or his personal email: epzperry@gmail.com

If you guys make a release, please share with us, so, we can share in the local media as well.

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Being Black in America should not be a death sentence…don’t make noise, make a difference!

America is in pain.

As an explosion of grief and anger happening in the hearts and the streets of our nation. Voices of all colors are begging for justice, for more humanity, more dignity, and change. The public murder of George Floyd was just a sad reality of the Black Men living and dying in America every day. More than 1000 people are killed by police forces every year, and people of color are 3 times more likely to be killed.

Floyd’s death is not an epiphany, it happens all the time. We can’t imagine how many black men had a knee in their necks and didn’t die. Black Americans have been screaming about our country’s racial divide for decades to no avail. George Floyd’s murder was just one of many examples that Black Americans face on a daily bases dealing with the members of law enforcement that should protect us and value black lives.

Everyone is now a witness to the injustices served in the Black community by law enforcement. TODAY IS A NEW DAY! WE WANT CHANGE! STAND WITH US!

George Floyd was BLACK, was 46 years old, 6.5 feet tall, and paraphrasing his girlfriend, gentle as a breeze. Died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after a WHITE police officer, pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes, while he screamed “- Please, please, please, I can’t breathe. MAMA!”

George Floyd, known as Floyd, or Big Floyd by friends and family, was in Minneapolis on business, far from his family and community, when he was murdered in broad daylight.

Floyd was unarmed, handcuffed, face down in the street, and killed without Mercy. Watch the abusive and excessive force of the police officers that resulted in his death was tough. The 400 years’ worth of injustice on our black community continues. It was, in effect, a modern-day lynching as those police officers served as judge, jury, and executioner of a human being, a life, a black life.


At the same time, the same black community that demands revolution is being hurt with gas and bullets in the streets, having their stores broken and vandalized. The movement of burning cars and buildings is just creating a distraction, removing our ability to see what really needs to be done for a transformation.

We are angry, and we want to show it, but we believe that we can channel our anger into peaceful and effective actions. We can be loud; we can demand change without being physically hurt. We are bleeding for Floyd’s family. We are grieving for each scared Black Family in America today. We share the revolting feeling of the uncertain future of our sons.

This is not a black community issue anymore; it is an issue of all colors, it is an issue of each citizen of this country. We can’t turn our faces to George Floyd, Ahmad Abrey, Breonna Taylor, and too many others we don’t know about.

The Land of the Free for all, doesn’t applied to black lives. This is wrong. Our lives matter, our dreams matter. We just want to breathe. INITIATIVE FOR CHANGE The BOBI – The Black on Black Initiative is a nonprofit, promoting the campaign I CAN’T BREATHE. The Bobi – Black On Black Initiative is an American non-profit organization.

Our mission is to help and support the black community and its causes, mobilizing all the sectors of our society to act on it. Our fight is to seek justice, equality, socioeconomic balance, and support to any people of color, through the promotion of the black population’s rights in private and public places, through advocacy, political information, theoretical production, among others. In addition, we support, capacitate, and promote other black organizations across the nation in order to assure that anyone in need can seek and find assistance.

The objective is a free distribution of 1 MILLION FACE MASKS ACROSS AMERICA to be sure that the death of Floyd, his memory, and the memory of too many others won’t be forgotten. We need to stand up and overflow the streets, offices, hospitals, public and private places with our message against the racism. Showing that we ARE ALL FLOYDS, and we will protest, every day, everywhere, even with our mouths shut. #I AM GEORGE FLOYD

Our goal is to cover the faces of 1 MILLION OF AMERICANS with the colors of the injustice, hoping that one day all our cases will have trials on courts and not on the sidewalks. It doesn’t matter your color, gender, profession, or religion. This is a massive call to stand up for George Floyd and all the lives before him, joining and sharing our campaign.

#weareallfloyds #1millionmasksforjustice #1millionforracism #thebobi #icantbreathe #dontmakenoisemakedifference #thebobi #togetherwearestronger #justiceforfloyd #blacklivesmatter #blackdreamsmatter

Our SUPER THANK YOU for the talent photographer Xena Goldman for the unique image used in the campaign and all the BOBI team and volunteers for the engagement on this challenge. We are all Floyds!