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Hy – hidden wireless earbuds you never have to take off FREE CrowdFunding Exposure IDIDIT GoFundME IndieGoGo KickStarter

Hy is a pair of wireless audio wearables for music, calls and voice actions, which don’t block your natural hearing, and last for days.

You can wear Hy all day, always ready when you want to fade out the world around you and listen to music, make a call or use a voice assistant. And until you switch on Hy’s high-efficiency active noise cancellation, it leaves your natural hearing completely unaffected.

We designed Hy to fit effortlessly into your life, so you can still stay connected, but reduce how intrusive personal technology has become.

Hy lets you place and receive calls, send and receive messages, use artificial assistants and much more, just by using your voice – reducing the number of times you’ll have to get your smartphone out of your pocket or purse.

Plus we’ve included biometric sensors not just for fitness fanatics, but also to monitor your everyday health and wellbeing.