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Creating this fundraiser is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. My grandmother, Sharon Clark, is the most amazing woman. She’s kind but stern, stubborn but understanding even when she doesn’t agree, and just all around a wonderful person to be around. If you know her personally then you know all this already. My grandmother is the center of our family, the person we all gathered around when she grabbed her guitar because we knew she was about to play us a show. She loves music and she was a jaw dropper when she sang. My grandmother recently had a major stroke and she is left in very critical condition. Our family spent thanksgiving sitting at the hospital making sure she was surrounded by family because we have been informed by her doctors that it’s just a matter of time before we’ve lost her. This woman has been everything to me and my family.  I’m not sure what all would be the best way to explain what she means to us but to put it in my words, she is the epitomy of who I am. She told me stories of her mistakes so that I didn’t make the same and she was my biggest cheerleader when I decided I wanted to sing and play guitar like her, she still is. My grandmother was this person for all of us. She believed in us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. I don’t know what all I’m supposed to say here. I’m the writer of the family these days and even I can’t find the words to say how much my grandmother means to our family and not even just our family. She has touched so many lives with just how wonderful she is. Anyway on to the point of why I’m making this page, it’s just as hard to type as it is to say, we have been getting all of the details in order for her funeral because the doctors are sure that this is the one that will take her home. We found out that she has 7,000 dollars left to pay on her funeral arrangements which I set up for her last October. Our family is rich in love but not in money and 7000 is a lot of money to come up with in what might only be a few days, so I was asked to create a gofundme fundraiser for her and ask all of those who love her and even those who may not know her but love someone like her or are loved like her, if they would be willing to help. It’s so hard for us to ask for help because we just don’t ask for help, but I know what she wants her funeral party to look like, a party. I wrote the plans, she got the policy, began the payments, and even begged me to be strong enough to sing her favorite gospel song Amazing Grace at her last party, but this all happened so fast that her plans aren’t paid for and we all want her to have the party she asked for. She deserves it for all the love that we got to feel having her in our lives.  If we can raise enough money my father George will be the one handling the funds and making sure everything is in order. If you can’t help with a donation, I hope you can help with a prayer. Thank you all so much for reading this thing and for any donations and prayers. God Bless.

My grandmother has passed away since this page was created.