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Philippine Hospital holds cancer patient who is unable to pay his bill. Conrad has been feeling ill for a long time, but he ignored the symptoms in the beginning until his condition got worse. He was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx on June 13, 2018.  He has been receiving treatments and taking medications to relieve pain. He and his family were able to pay for some of these expenses using their own savings.

His doctors performed a total laryngectomy on August 7, 2018. As a result, he has lost his voice and he is receiving nutrition through a tube. The doctors also found lymph nodes that did not show in the scans prior to surgery. He has been in a Philippine hospital for weeks now. His doctors told him that he could be discharged within three days, but only if  he paid his hospital bill. (This sounds unconscionable/unethical but this is how it works where he is.)

The longer he stays in the hospital, the more funds we need to raise. He needs $10,000 to pay the hospital bill up to this point.  He still has to undergo radiation therapy so his battle is far from over.

Throughout this experience, Conrad has remained optimistic. He wants to continue his work in the church and to serve God as long as he can.

Conrad has maxed out his  insurance so every doctor’s visit, test, procedure  adds difficulty to his already challenging situation.  We are asking everyone who views this page to extend his/her kindness and help our friend, Conrad, with his mounting medical bills and expenses. No amount is too small. If you cannot donate, please offer prayers of healing and comfort to him and his family. We will forever be grateful for your generosity and prayers.

Con, we are beside you through this and we will do everything we can to help. We will continue to pray and  hope for God’s miracle. Nothing is impossible with God. Please remember : YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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